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Level 3 - INVINCIBLE 700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E*


Our INVINCIBLE series is our Extreme offering in the 4L60 transmissions series. It’s available in the 700R4, 4L60E for LT-1, 4L60E for LS1 / LSX and 4L65E.

It features all the components of our Level 2 (Pro Race) transmissions with these upgrades for added Strength and Durability. (Nothing but the best):

OEM five (5) pinion planetaries with a grooved sun gear for improved lubrication

Specially prepared performance input drum assembly with reinforcement collar.

Molded seal steel pistons

Raybestos composite forward frictions

A set of 8 RAYBESTOS CARBON COMPOSIT PERFORMANCE clutches with new Raybestos steels for High Impact Durability and Super Hold on the 2-3 shift

 Borg Warner 29 element dual cage sprag assembly, the strongest available

The SONNAX SMART SHELL to eliminate stripping of the splines and breakage comon in the factory sun shell cause no reverse/second/fourth gears. This peice in balanced to lower drive train vibration.

Ultra wide carbon composite 2-4 performance band with reinforced pin area to prevent tear through. This band will take the abuse and the heat.

The SONNAX billet second gear servo for maximum second gear hold (It also limits 3rd gear 3-4 clutch accumulation to aid in the 3-4 clutch apply)

Sonnax Dual Piston Overdrive Servo (with the wide band to stand WOT overdrive if your PCM is set up to allow it)

A Thirteen (13) vane pump with hardened rings and a full-time lube modification which assures maximum planetary life and cooling. , Max line set at approximatly 220 psi .

PerformaBuilt custom shift kit, a compilation of what we consider to be the best of several known kits and some unique modifications of our own.

Deep OEM pan and performance filter .

This unit also features many other proprietary modifications for performance and durability which help it achieve its unbelievable horsepower capabilities. It will take whatever you dish out and we guarantee it. You won't find a better unit anywhere.

4L60e 700R4 4L60 4L65E 4L70E 1982 TO 2008 Transmissions 1 year warranty

1 year warranty $2995.00

(Note: If you purchase a torque converter from us you will automatically get the XT trans with the 2 year warranty free a $300 value. Just add this trans to your cart by hitting the buy now then hit continue shopping goto the converters link and pick one and add that converter to your cart also then complete the checkout )


XLT version with 2 year warranty $3495.00



Level 3 is not enough you think ? Well give us a call about the level 3 black edition or you can see more details of it here

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 1-888-744-6542

Or for online chat: K

The more we know about your needs, the better we can match you with the right transmission.

NOTE: All units are available in either 2wd or 4x4. If you have a special application requiring a special adapter or output shaft, please contact us and we will be happy to provide it and quote a price for your special application.


NOTE: The LSX transmission has a removable bell housing which is not included with our transmission. You will need to use your original bell housing and extension housing, but the transmission will have the appropriate output shaft for your application.These items are available at additional cost.


NOTE: *NOTE: For the 4L70E, 2006 TBSS, and 2007 and newer 4L60/65 we must have your unit to build. We will send crate and handle all shipping. Turn around is generally 2-3 business days once received.



Read our complete warranty Here.


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mudder mustang tow ford2

Free shipping applies only to orders with a shipping address inside the continental United States- (Excluding Alaska & Hawaii).** Warranty is limited to the statement contained on the warranty page on this site. There are no other warranties express or implied. In the event of limited specific brand availability or in the interest of improving our products PerformaBuilt reserves the right to substitute equivalent or better parts in our rebuilds.

*Note we do not have cores for the C5 corvette nor the late 2007 up 4L60E and will need to have yours brought to us for the build there is additional charge of $150 or you may pay a core deposit for the non corvetter 2006 TBSS and all units after 2007 you will receive the core deposit back minus return shipping provided it is a rebuildable core.

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