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Level 2 - Pro Race 700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E*

Our Pro Race Series transmission is the finest built street / race automatic transmission in the industry. These transmissions are tough and built to handle whatever you dish out. We incorporate all the updates and modifications to compensate for the problems and issues they were born with from the factory. We believe you will not find a better performance transmission anywhere!

Below are the details of our Pro Race (LEVEL-2) built transmission.

First, each core transmission is disassembled and carefully inspected. The case and hard parts are cleaned thoroughly and re-inspected for cracks, wear, or other damage before we begin. The case is specially prepared, and a coating of and heavy duty, heat resistant, oil based enamel is baked on, creating a hard and durable glossy finish. The seals in the case are then replaced and assembly begins.

The rear planetary assembly and bearings are meticulously inspected, then assembled into the case along with Allomatic reverse frictions and steels. At this time the center support and sprag (one way roller) are installed after being inspected for stress cracks and damage. In addition dual bushings are installed in the rear sungear to handle the extra weight of the beast sun shell.

Next the sun gear is inspected and four slots are machined into the bottom. This improves lubrication to the rear planetary assembly by allowing oil to escape from between the bearing the gear it rests against, feeding additional lube to the planetary gears. This is a huge improvement, and virtually eliminates one of the most common points of failure for this type of transmission. In fact, contrary to common opinion, the rear planetary assembly in these is not in any way weak by design. Their failure is almost exclusively due to a lack of lubrication. When you see one of there with a damaged rear planetary, it will almost always be accompanied by the blue-black signs of excessive heat. Simply put, these planetary assemblies with good lube DO NOT EASILY FAIL, even in the most demanding environments.

BeastWe then replace the sun shell with a new heavy duty unit called (and deservedly so) THE BEAST, which far exceeds the factory component. THE BEAST is able to withstand the rigors of the street, the strip, or the mud, whichever is your pleasure. No matter how hard you beat on it, THIS SHELL DOES NOT BREAK!

Next, we re-inspect the front planetary assembles measuring clearances and making sure everything is within our own rigid specifications before installing it and inserting the output shaft and new retaining clip.

SpragThe front sun gear is then slotted for improved lubrication, as the rear sun gear was, and installed. Then end play is set for the output shaft.

Now for the input drum. We re-inspect it before installing new rubber seals and a neoprene lubrication seal. Next, we install new Alto overrun frictions,A BORG WARNER DUAL CAGE INPUT SPRAG ASSEMBLY and composite forward frictions. These forward frictions have a superior holding capability, as well as improved ability to withstand extreme heat, when compared with the OEM frictions. Since these frictions must hold the power of your vehicle in every forward gear, they have to be tough enough for the job.

Finally, we replace the 3-4 clutch set with the 8 high energy Borg Warner frictions and Raybestos steels to avoid heat burn and coning.


Next we install a New reverse input drum for the new Max duty performance wide band. This band has approximately 20 percent more surface area for holding in both second and fourth gears. This stronger 2-4 band will hold the torque during that tire chirping shift into second at full throttle in your performance machine.

200BandWe also install the *SONNAX BILLET * for maximum "apply pressure" in second gear, and the Sonnax twin piston super servo for overdrive, providing an additional 30 percent holding ability in 4th gear.

Now we move on to the pump. It is inspected and modified to provide maximum lube to the planetary sets. We install a large boost valve suitable for the application. The vanes in the pump are carefully inspected for wear and replaced as needed, steel pump rings are installed. The pump bushing is replaced with a Teflon bushing, and notches are made in pump surface to prevent its movement in even the most demanding high RPM or towing situations. This effectively eliminates front seal blow out. In addition, the front seal is installed with a special adhesive and seal retainer to eliminate any possibility of ever having a problem. The pump is the heart and soul of any automatic transmission, and we make sure it's a healthy one. Max line pressure to between 210 and 225 PSI dyno verified of course.

The last section is the valve body. For this we use all we have learned over the years. What we have learned is, although most shift kits have certain distinct advantages, no one kit has all the best modifications.. some parts we liked others we didn't. We took the best parts of each, and utilizing our own experience, created a set of modifications that is superior to all the others. We do not block accumulators, since the reason they exist is to prevent excessive shock to the transmission and drive train. With our transmissions, you will always have a solid, firm shift that will be linearly progressive.Sonax That means at light throttle you will feel a nice bump, letting you know the car or truck has shifted. As throttle is increased, the shifts will become more pronounced to the point of tire chirping in high performance vehicles or a firm shift at full throttle in a towing/hauling situation. It will not cause whiplash just cruising with your significant other or your grandmother around town, but will turn heads when laying it on the line.

We also eliminate the partial lockup function GM mistakenly engineered into the 4L60E transmission, thus eliminating converter shudder, premature converter clutch failure, and the well known code 1870, which causes high "line pressure", no fourth gear, and teeth cracking shifts at low throttle. Lockup is either OFF or ON, not slipping off and on as it did with the factory PWM working. This does not affect performance, but it does have the added advantage of increasing low speed fuel efficiency, which at today's fuel prices is like getting a bonus. In addition this mod along with others alow us to use later valvebodies on older units to improve performance and increase interchangability and reliability.


So there you have it. Our LEVEL2 TRANSMISSION, designed to meet your needs today, tomorrow, and for many years to come!

4L60e 700R4 4L60 4l65 1982 TO 2006 LT-1 & V6 3.4, 3.8, 4.3, 5.0, and LSX 4l60E and 4L65E STYLES 4.8,5.3,5.7,6.0 CARS AND TRUCKS.

1 year warranty $2195.00

(Note: If you purchase a torque converter from us you will automatically get the XT trans with the 2 year warranty free a $300 value. Just add this trans to your cart by hitting the buy now then hit continue shopping goto the converters link and pick one and add that converter to your cart also then complete the checkout )


XT version with 2 year warranty $2495.00



Note: When you purchase a converter from either of our converter partners through our website you will automatically get the 2 year warranty.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 1-888-744-6542

Or for online chat: K

The more we know about your needs, the better we can match you with the right transmission.

NOTE: All units are available in either 2wd or 4x4. If you have a special application requiring a special adapter or output shaf,t please contact us and we will be happy to provide it and quote a price for your special application.

NOTE: The LSX transmission has a removable bell housing which is not included with our transmission. You will need to use your original bell housing and extension housing, but the transmission will have the appropriate output shaft for your application.These items are available at additional cost.

NOTE: * The 4L70E and 2006 TBSS and 2007 up 4L60/65/70E we must have your unit to build. We will send crate and handle all shipping. Turn around is generally 2-3 business days.


Read our complete warranty Here.


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mudder mustang tow ford2

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*Note we do not have cores for the C5 corvette nor the late 2007 up 4L60E and will need to have yours brought to us for the build there is additional charge of $150 or you may pay a core deposit for the non corvetter 2006 TBSS and all units after 2007 you will receive the core deposit back minus return shipping provided it is a rebuildable core.

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