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9.5 and billet converters are custom built to your application power, weight and rear ratio to be as acurate as possible for your needs.

Purchase of a converter from either of the vendors through this website automatically gets you a 2 year trans warranty a $300 value. on you PerformaBuilt Transmisssion.

Converter warranties are through their respective vendors.

The Perfect Shift Converters
FTI Performance Converters

Why Purchase The Perfect Shift ?

These converters are far superior to any other that you have tried or even seen. Each torque converter is built to the specs of your car. By doing this we can achieve the specific stall that you are looking for. You are not just buying a production unit. We custom build each converter for your car and for the way you drive. Our torque converters are designed to take any abuse that you can throw at them. We would like to introduce you to the most advanced torque converter in the industry.We start with a 4130 Chrome-molly hardened steel hub, with large oil journals machined in to the bearing surface to increase oil flow to the bearing and throughout the entire converter.

All impeller fins are furnace brazed and hand TIG welded, to increase the durability of fins.

Two Heavy Duty Torrington bearings are placed on either side of the stator assembly.

The stator is then modified by adding additional lube orifice for additional cooling.

Inside we use a new Heavy Duty race and Heavy Duty springs and rollers are installed as well.

All turbine fins are precision wielded to the turbine to increase durability and strength.

Then 4130 chrome-molly hardened steel splines are wielded in place. These splines also have journals machined into the bearing surface to provide better lubrication to the bearing.

A new Hi Temp o-ring and washer are installed to ensure proper seal for lockup apply and holding.

The piston and damper assembly used are Heavy Duty and only the best (high temp carbon composite) lining is used. LOCKUP UNITS ONLY!

Finally for the cover, a laser cut re-enforcing plate is bolted and welded into place to reinforce the converter housing and provide the proper bolt pattern.

We offer the finest performance torque converters on the market

When we combine High Quality parts with the knowledge to get the job done right, you get a component that will out last and out perform anything that is on the market today!

There you have it, our exclusive line of extreme converters second to none!
You haven't seen anything like these yet!

A tremendous amount of effort has been expended to assure stall accuracy, extreme efficiency and durability beyond anything on the market today. We carry a full line of converters for General Motors products. In addition to this we manufacture custom converter applications on demand. Please browse our site and offerings if you don't see what you need contact us. As always your needs are our mission.


12 inch converters up to 2500 stall.- $560


9.5 inch custom built converters any stall.-$725


10.5 inch Billet cover converters any stall.- $1025











































Why purchase FTI?

First and foremost, our customer service and technical support is second to none. All of the sales people at FTI are REAL racers. We understand the need to speak with someone who knows REAL racers needs. FTI manufacturers only the highest quality of components and assembles each product to exact tolerances for consistent and dependable race winning results.


Unbeatable Performance

Our converters have state of the art designed components to keep you ahead of the competition. Our research and development department is constantly striving to provide you with cutting edge technology.


Free Stall Adjustments within the First Year

We at FTI want the highest MPH and lowest E.T. from your racing converter so we offer a one year "free stall adjustment" provided the combination has remained the same. No other company in the industry offers this service for this period of time, as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


Extensive Inventory

We stock a huge inventory of drag race, street race, mud race converters, transmissions and parts. 90% of custom converter orders ship within 24hrs. Most parts ordered ship the same day!



Our warranty is setting the standard in the industry with an unprecedented 3 year warranty on billet lock up converters and 1 year on all race converters


With the staff at FTI being racers you will see the FTI support trailer at many of the nation’s largest events including, NHRA, IHRA, Big Money Brackets, Radial Tire, and Mud events.


Dollar for dollar a FTI converter will give you more performance than virtually any other modification. While other modifications will give you performance it is hard to beat the ET reduction verses dollar spent with an FTI converter.




12" SBL SERIES 1600-2400 STALL- $589


11" SBL SERIES 2400-3200 STALL - $669


9.5" SRL SERIES BILLET 2800-4400 STALL-$1085


10.5 SPLM SERIES BILLET 2400-4800 STALL-$1125

Note all converters are lockup type.












































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mudder mustang tow ford2

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