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mudder mustang tow ford2
9 Second Club
1999 Chevrolet Camaro
, Factory LS2 (364) crank, rods, pistons, N/A , A.S. 5.3 heads, LG G5X4 camshaft, FAST 90/90, Performabuilt level 3 4L60E, ARH 1 7/8's, Circle D 230mm converter, full lineup of Spohn hardware out back -- P.B.= 9.87@134.8 - 60'= 1.30 10/19/09
Speed Density Tuned by Kaltech tuning on Long Island
Did this with a GM head and pump gas!
11 Second Club
TravisMcGill2000's Avatar
Went to the local 1/8 to try the new tranny out. Boy the performabuilt level 2 with his 3800 stall was sure worth the money. The car ran 7.88@85 with 1.64 60ft on motor. So i decided to spray it with a 150 shot. It went 7.16@95 with a 1.57 60ft. I was spraying about 20ft out of the whole. Also added telestars since the last time i ran. Its a full bolt-on beside ewp car. Race weight was around 3300 with da at 1200.
94 Ta A4 bolt-ons,stall,spray...8.08@85 1.69 60ft..7.34@92 1.54 60ft 125shot..272rwhp 328rwtq motor. 425rwhp 503rwtq on 125 shot
TECH Resident
1998 Pontiac Trans Am
370 cam motion cam 646 lift, Stage 3 Heads ported, Performabuilt T400.brake Neal Chance n20 stall. N20 outlet DP.
Thanks to Dave @N20 outlet and Frank@Performabuilt.

Old combo:11.1 N/A 120MPH
N20 10.14 @129 Performbuit 4L60e lv2 on a 150shot

New set up times PerformaBuilt w/T400 and N2O outlet Dp= 1.33 60f 1/4 mile 9.78@137.40


2006 GTO

OwnerBest ET so far = 10.79
Best Trap so far = 127.45
Best 60 = 1.50

My review of a Performabuilt Level 2 Trans.

First off I own a 2005 GTO. Up until a month ago the car was powered by a Heads/cam + 200 shot nitrous LS2. The Performabuilt Trans. was installed in the car spring of 2007 and in August of this year we went 10.41 @132.47 currently the quickest pass by a stock bottom end GTO in the country. A few weeks ago we decided to put in a much larger power plant so at this time the transmission was pulled out. I decided to have Chance transmissions (converters) go through the Trans. and freshen it up. Well when it was pulled apart Flip gave me a call and said man this thing looks amazing are you sure you have 40k+ miles on it and 200+ nitrous passes like you stated when you dropped it off. I said yes sir this is correct. Needless to say the transmission was flawless inside and in perfect working order. the 3-4 clutches looked brand new.. Awesome news..
So we put the new engine in and reinstalled the transmission backed by a 4k stall FTI converter, GForce CF driveshaft and all new GForce rearend components. The engine is a 416in LS3 12.5:1 compression on 2 stages of Nitrous Outlet Direct Port and plate. Went to SNL Performance for a tune and to get some hard dyno numbers.. Direct Port only the car made 756hp & 888tq. On the plate only the car made 714hp & 841tq. 18 pulls total were made on the dyno without one mechanical issue. We tried to fire both kits together but the car kept trying to lift itself off the dyno so we could not get any hard numbers all out..

So at the end of the day I am really impressed by the piece Frank over at performabuilt sent me 2 1/2 years ago and it has held up to some serious abuse without issue.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good high quality transmission..

Gun Slinger
Teching In
Phoenix, AZ

2005 GTO A4
AZPS 750BHP APS Twin Turbo
Performbuilt Level 2
Pro Edge 3200 custom convertor
4100 lbs race weight

We just installed a Level 2 from Performabuilt and so far it's great. Car weight is 4100 lbs race weight and it trapped 126 mph with the old stock tranny and a mismatched (slipping) torque convertor. We've switched the convertor to match a turbo application and I'll have new times soon. The car has not been dynoed beyond 5 psi (480rwhp). Boost is now 13 psi.


10.89 at 133 mph Here's an update. I took it to the track last weekend with the new tranny, and the new Edge convertor (custom for use with the turbos), and the car ran 10.89 at 133 mph (11.5 psi boost). I did 10 runs and the tranny worked perfectly.






PerformaBuilt Customers DYNO PULL

05 GTO Dyno day L92+L76+Cam+exhaust

TECH Enthusiast
St. Louis, MO

Thumbs up for Performabuilt

I just got done installing a Level 2 Performabuilt Transmission with their 3200 converter for a guy here locally. It drove beautifully and shifted just as well.

Alex Hagen 1999 Camaro Z28 Headers + 4.10s + McCord tuning = 12.307 @ 113.14 w/ 1.85 60ft btw...it's an automatic 1999Z28





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mudder mustang tow ford2

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