THE PRO 200-4R (200-R4) SERIES


This Transmission is suitable for applications to 500+
hp, and bolts to The Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac and
Cadillac (or BOP pattern engines).

Its’ features include the following components and modifications
(Nothing but the best):

1. High Performance rebuild kit with additional frictions where possible Frictions are alto, raybestos and alomatic performance. Special attention is given
to the direct 3rd clutch.

gm 200 4r rebuilt performance transmission



gm 200 4r rebuilt performance transmission

2. A hardened sun shell is installed, eliminating the weak area of the transmission. We also replace the factory plastic thrust washer with a brass one, eliminating melt down and breakage issues with this washer.
3. A wide redlining band, with reinforced band pin area is mated to a resurfaced drum for max hold.
4. A Superior super servo is used to assure adequate apply, and special modifications are done during installation to reduce the downshift clunk associated with these large servos. Between the wide band above and the super servo holding is increased up to 50 percent over stock in second gear.
5. A high performance pump with enlarged drain back, hardened pump rings, fixed position Pump slide( for max high rpm pressure), a .500 boost valve, and full time lube modification to the pressure regulator valve is used.

6. We use heavy duty front and rear sprags (one way roller clutch assemblies) to make sure this unit will take the torque.

7. We modified TCC apply to provide stronger engagement of the lockup clutch, and to enhance the increased durability of the higher (3000 up) stall torque converters if used .This modification also improves the life of any stall converter from stock up.
8. These transmissions have a PerformaBuilt Performance shift kit installed, and will have very positive shifts, which become progressively more aggressive as throttle is increased. No Blocked accumulators causing unnecessary strain in normal driving while still delivering that kick ass feel under throttle!

This unit also features many other modifications for performance & durability.
Helping it achieve its 500 plus horsepower capabilities. This transmission will
take whatever you can dish out and we guarantee it! You won’t find a better unit anywhere. And, with our customer service and the staying power that come with a larger company you can count on us to be there when you need us.

gm 200 4r rebuilt performance transmission

If you are purchasing a transmission without a converter please click this link for additional warranty information


Please read our complete warranty when you decide to make your purchase so you will understand your rights and what to expect in the rare instance you may need a warranty repair

All converters are lockup, all prices include shipping inside mainland United States.
No core is required!


These Transmissions have limited availability. Please contact us before ordering 570-578-5686 or yahoo

without converter $1590.00 buy
with1400 or 2000 stall converter $1675.00 buy
with 2500 stall converter $1750.00 buy
with 9.5 inch 2800 to 5000 stall $2190.00 buy

ON SALE NOW! CALL 570-578-5686 FOR $100 OFF NOW!

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call 570-578-5686

The more we know about your needs, the better we can match you with the right transmission.



gm 200 4r rebuilt performance transmission
  The unit, as with all of our units, is warranted for one year from the day
you received it. Please visit our Warranty Page.

gm 200 4r rebuilt performance transmission



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